Tuesday, February 8, 2011

. McD with Her .

Yeah , suppose we're staying at school till around 4 o'clock today , to help teacher with something.

But the teacher was absent today . So , we decided to have lunch at a near by restaurant . Since we're bored,hungry and kinda long time didn't eat together , we decided to eat at Restoran Hanim . Called mum to inform that , but instead she brought us to McDonald's .


She ate Quarter Pounder , while for me as usual McChicken . Had great moments today cause it's been a while we didn't hang out together . We got the chance today . What a blessed day . My mum were also there with us , so we chat and laugh about something that's seriously funny occured while we're there . And also the incident happened to my bestie which was very hilarious and it's beyond our imagination . If only I could say it here , but unfortunately I can't cause my bestie is gonna be mad at me later .  :)

P.S. Intan , be careful . LOL .

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