Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Was In Past

Sometimes , I do miss my straight and short hair . Easier to handle , no need to tie it up . And yeah , some people told me I look better in straight hair , but others said I fit with curly hair . I asked my beloved mum , which was okay , she told me "You look okay in both" . Automatically , I don't mind how do I look now , as long as I'm acting me , myself , but not faking around without purpose . Seriously , it feels good to be just yourself .

This was how I looked like when my hair was straight.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way.

This song is freaking awesome the moment I hear it. No matter what people say about Gaga , her artwork should be appreciated for she's a genius and brilliant in everything she does . Her artwork will NEVER let you down .

Thank you Gaga,cause this song is perfect and suits me . Now I can love myself the way I am .

I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way
(Born this way)

Monday, February 14, 2011

. Braces On .

Oh my ,seriously , I never thought I'm gonna have this strange thing in my mouth , sticking on my teeth . When the orthodontist showed the X-Ray of my teeth , then I know why I must wear 'em . It was really strange having braces in my mouth , and it took time to get use to it . I find it hard to eat , and after eating MUST IMMEDIATELY brush my teeth as the food was stuck around the braces and teeth . For the first colour , I've choosen red and blue .

This was how I look like now .

The first photo I captured after leaving the clinic .

P.S. First 3 days I'm wearing braces , it hurts but still , I can endure with it .

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

. McD with Her .

Yeah , suppose we're staying at school till around 4 o'clock today , to help teacher with something.

But the teacher was absent today . So , we decided to have lunch at a near by restaurant . Since we're bored,hungry and kinda long time didn't eat together , we decided to eat at Restoran Hanim . Called mum to inform that , but instead she brought us to McDonald's .


She ate Quarter Pounder , while for me as usual McChicken . Had great moments today cause it's been a while we didn't hang out together . We got the chance today . What a blessed day . My mum were also there with us , so we chat and laugh about something that's seriously funny occured while we're there . And also the incident happened to my bestie which was very hilarious and it's beyond our imagination . If only I could say it here , but unfortunately I can't cause my bestie is gonna be mad at me later .  :)

P.S. Intan , be careful . LOL .

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Day That Should Never Be Forgotten .

Yes , for us (should not be mention) , is a very tragic day , but yet meaningful lesson to be learn today .

I was relieved as I got to clear my name , those bad-sayings about me , and most important thing , MY PRIDE .

Thank you God for the good and bad things happened today and may this incident won't happen again .

I hope that all of us would turn over a new leaf and work on our friendship. A new refreshment .

For us , what happened today must not be forgotten especially those who were involved . Please , grow up and be more mature . Don't act without thinking rationally cause we ourselves are gonna face the consequences. Don't badmouth others cause we'll eat up our own words. Whatever matters that you are not satisfied with a person , talk to that person . Have a heart-to-heart conversation (sorry if this word is emotional) and if God willingly , things will be even better . As people always say ,Peace No War .

DON'T tease,feeling glad,proud and happy or even laugh if someone's crying , cause those who do that to the crying ones , ended up crying too . Cause that's what happened too today .

If I've done anything wrong or bad , purposely or accidentally , forgive me for I am a human that will never run away from making mistakes . I AM SORRY .

Forget what's in the past . Open up a new chapter , great memories and stories will be created and remembered .

If God willingly.Amen .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

F.R.I.E.N.D.S thing .

Well,sorry for the late updating dear readers.
Been busy,that's half true,technically.
I've been in a bad situation in the 4th week of school.


Only my class knows the truth. But I'll give you guys a hint. It's about a girl in my class,means that MY VERY OWN CLASSMATE , with A GROUP OF HER FRIENDS , wanna know what they did ?

They badmouth about me. Bout that , I don't give a dang about it.


But what they did was very disturbing and humiliating ,

THESE CREATURES BACKSTAB ME and they did something PRETTY BAD to me.

That's the hint.

Actually,the reason I'm telling this is because in nowadays,we must be careful when picking our friends.
Hey,people always said that  "Hey,pick positive people to be your friend okay?"


You guys can trust that, but still , quote this , BE VERY CAREFUL cause people in this century have their own plan and criminal mind of theirs , including the positive ones. Not all , but maybe some.

Even a so called 'POSITIVE' friend can betray you , can you see what's the use there ?

Like I mentioned about the group in my class , I've always have this positive interpretion and thoughts towards them, but because of what they did to me , it destroys just like that. I won't have the same respect like before for them.

I know we must choose positive friends, just like I did and I thank God for meeting me with SERIOUSLY POSITIVE YET HUMBLE AND HILARIOUS 2 persons which I am happy and freely call them my TRUE FRIENDS , but not as my BACK UP PLAN. Due to problem that I faced , they gave me good advice and I really appreciate that.


THANK YOU GUYS, for always being there when I need you both , in any situation. God knows how grateful I am to have you both as my best and true friends.


Photos to be shared :

Flour with my darl, Intan .

At McD , Azam with his beloved one , Syarfa.
Four of us : Azam,Syarfa,Intan,me hanging out together.
Total fun.  :D

 P.S.  True friends are DIAMOND , precious but rare .
      False friends are AUTUMN leaf found
      everywhere . 

      So , dear readers , which kind of FRIEND are
      yours ?