Monday, February 7, 2011

A Day That Should Never Be Forgotten .

Yes , for us (should not be mention) , is a very tragic day , but yet meaningful lesson to be learn today .

I was relieved as I got to clear my name , those bad-sayings about me , and most important thing , MY PRIDE .

Thank you God for the good and bad things happened today and may this incident won't happen again .

I hope that all of us would turn over a new leaf and work on our friendship. A new refreshment .

For us , what happened today must not be forgotten especially those who were involved . Please , grow up and be more mature . Don't act without thinking rationally cause we ourselves are gonna face the consequences. Don't badmouth others cause we'll eat up our own words. Whatever matters that you are not satisfied with a person , talk to that person . Have a heart-to-heart conversation (sorry if this word is emotional) and if God willingly , things will be even better . As people always say ,Peace No War .

DON'T tease,feeling glad,proud and happy or even laugh if someone's crying , cause those who do that to the crying ones , ended up crying too . Cause that's what happened too today .

If I've done anything wrong or bad , purposely or accidentally , forgive me for I am a human that will never run away from making mistakes . I AM SORRY .

Forget what's in the past . Open up a new chapter , great memories and stories will be created and remembered .

If God willingly.Amen .

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